Wednesday, May 9, 2012

brooklyn morning

On a grey morning in Brooklyn, there’s nothing like a small girl with a stuffed jaguar to cheer up the day.  Thank you to Silvia for posing for me (and to Starks, that pure black furry ball on the ottoman, although he was a less active participant).  Yes, it would have been a sharper, clearer picture with flash, but I wanted to capture something of that dull flat light; show off the rose and delphiniums and kitty grass growing on the fire escape beyond; give a sense, indeed, of how light an apartment can be even on a damp and cloudy day.  It was a huge treat not just to stay there, but to have Silvia draw me a picture (a happy girl, with a huge smile since it’s her birthday, wearing a violet dress and top and shoes, walking along under a huge blue moon).  It’s going straight onto my filing cabinet in my office, to beam happily back at me.

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