Saturday, May 26, 2012


By now, we are so tired that we can hardly stand (though not as uncomfortably so as these two figures on the Duomo door), and quite how our companions managed an hour and a half of volleyball practice I can't imagine ... (though they are obviously younger and a very great deal fitter).  As you can see in the picture below ... with Milan Cathedral in the background, all clean and shiny.  We went to pay homage to Pellizza da Volpedo's Il Quarto Stato - the picture that was the shining star of my MA dissertation, in the days when one had to make all kinds of maneuvers to go and see it in, I think, the Banco di Torino, and now it's the centerpiece of the rather good but very small Museo del Novocento right bang next to the Duomo and opposite the Galleria.  And we are all full of pasta - being around this crew makes me feel very noticeably full of pasta indeed.

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