Monday, July 25, 2016

Dickens, drainpipes, seaside

A great day in Santa Cruz, visiting Marty Gould's NEH seminar with a group of 16 terrific teachers, talking about using visual material in the classroom, especially in relation to Hard Times and A Tale of Two Cities.  Afterwards, I went upstairs to do paper work in the Dickens Project office ... and here's The Man himself, sitting on a windowsill, presiding over it all ...

And then around 4 p.m., I was free to head out for a walk along the cliffs away from the town center - to look over to the rock that hosts a crowd of hooting sealions, and along to the cliffs that were already starting to have drifting sea mist coming over them;

then inland to look at various styles of domestic architecture, and to admire these drainpipes;

and then back to my room, to watch the Democratic Convention, with the door open, hearing the waves crash on the beach, and see the mists come in and the foghorns start.

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