Sunday, July 10, 2016

the sadness of the empty bluebird house

Alas, and sadly: this is our bluebird house after I cleaned it out today.  Three days ago there was exuberant, hungry cheeping, and a constant supply of food.  Two days ago - little cheeps; much quieter; fewer deliveries.  Yesterday - two adult bluebirds visible in the morning, sitting outside on the snake baffler.  Today: silence; deserted.  So I knew what had to be done ... I suspect that the two dead baby bluebirds inside, who looked to be about nine or ten days old, judging by how far their feathers had come on, had not been able to cope with the heat (it's been in the 90s, non-stop).  They looked very peaceful - it wasn't like last year, when I had to remove the horrible result of a sparrow attack.  Next year - maybe shelter everything under an umbrella? (I do, however, think that the adults managed to raise one brood successfully - there was an empty nest when we rolled up at the end of May).  So I removed the whole nest, and scrubbed it out, and hosed it down.

That strange reflection - on the perspex wall that acts as a viewing barrier - of me taking the photo?  Consider it a metonymic representation of bird voyeurism on my part.

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