Sunday, July 17, 2016

Trinidad CO (and some wildflowers)

Trinidad, in Southern Colorado, is a late C19th/early C20th coal mining town that has some terrific urban architecture from that time, a good deal of empty storefronts, and a number of second-hand-everything stores.  The only thing that it was known for, for years, was pioneering gender reassignment surgery, which makes one tempted to over-read the contents of some of these stores.

I hadn't been there for fifteen years or so - and wasn't sure what I'd find - yet more run-down-ness?

But no!  Even though these photographs don't tell the story, the town is slowly starting to resuscitate - there certainly were a couple of decent looking cafes; there was new public art; there were people on the streets.  The answer, it seems, is pot money - the town is doing very well on marijuana tex receipts, and is able to pour money back into the community ...

On the way there from Colorado Springs, we took a scenic detour on Highway 12 - much recommended for absolute beauty - including this lake, with wildflowers.

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