Tuesday, July 5, 2016

plaza diner

The Plaza Diner in Santa Fe - overlooking, indeed, the Plaza - has been open since 1905, apart from a couple of years following a kitchen fire in 2010.  Before 1905, it was the Star Cafe.  Interestingly, it's Greek owned (I wondered about those gyros and the moussaka, hidden away among the burritos and sopapillas and enchiladas) - there's a brief history, with some great old photos, here.  It's true diner style, and much recommended.  Alice had Frito Pie, which took me back to the old days of Woolworths on the Plaza, and their Frito Pie (but no: it wasn't invented there, contrary to popular myth and memory - it seems to hail, alas, from Texas: see here) - a much more basic concoction in those days, with no meat - just a bag of Frito chips, and red chile sauce, and pinto beans, and melted cheese.

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