Wednesday, June 3, 2009

miraculous form

although it looks more like an eruption of sea-blue ectoplasm - perhaps "Tucson Teal" ectoplasm, the color that Connie is painting the back of her house in Los Angeles - a color that I have the greatest difficulty in not calling "Tuscan," and therefore for a while couldn't find in the Benjamin Moore color chart (for I have designs on it for the hall bathroom here).   This former candle dates back to one of my very early Santa Fe summers - I think 1997, most likely - purchased from Walgreens, taken to England, re-imported to the US, tidied up to the attic here in Highland Park two years ago, and now retrieved, the worse for wear (the attic is stifling in summer, and this was lying on its side in a wastepaper basket, into which it must have slowly, gradually, waxily oozed out).

An early post - I'm hoping to be on a plane later...

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