Wednesday, June 24, 2009

what happens in vegas

I've never yet been outside the airport in Las Vegas, but the airport is always a totally fascinating pace in which to change planes - people determinedly trying to recoup their losses at the slot machines; people indulging themselves - trying to stave off a heart attack brought on by stress? - at the Oxygen Bar; large contingents of the scarily overweight; people gazing into their deep inner gloom. This guy fits the last of these categories, and may be heading for the penultimate one: what's weirdest about him is his mohawk hairdo - if it's possible for a mohawk to be thin and wispy, this one has achieved it.

Ah, the advantages, once again, of the iPhone camera: with the sound turned off, one can look as though one's just whiling away the minutes before one's delayed connecting flight through playing Anytime Pool (n.b. that the rules are different for US and UK 8-ball pool, and I think I'd rather learn this when engaging in the virtual variety than on any more social an occasion) - when actually, one has the unsuspecting victim in one's sights...

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