Thursday, June 25, 2009


Back in LA, it's been time to carry on with packing up the house, with sorting out things for Saturday morning's garage sale, and with investigating some of the strange things that end up at the back of kitchen cupboards.   The last time we did this last activity, in the summer of '06, I seem to remember throwing out everything that had passed its eat-by date.   It was depressing how many things that I dropped into black trash bags today that had a terminal date of '07... But apart from practical activities of this kind, it's the last blast of sentimental picture-taking, with or without an iPhone in hand (see below, where the sepia makes Silver Lake look rather like a 1930s picture of the French Riviera, or indeed like Los Angeles in a Raymond-Chandler derived film still - apart from the big new block of the Children's Hospital in the distant background).

It's going to be especially hard to leave the plants - and the picture above is of the trumpet plant, which is going strong (and smelling wonderful) by the front door - I crawled underneath her so that I could convey a sense of her true trumpeting qualities, but also in an attempt to include the tall cypress trees as well - trees that are very much the hallmark of this house.

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