Sunday, June 7, 2009


Not, I am glad to say, us, just yet, although the slow slow process of filling bags and boxes has commenced.   This is a van in front of a little compound a bit further up N. Hoover - a small complex of buildings that's for sale, together with planning permission for ten apartments (very cramped apartments, they would have to be - but the planning hearing some months back reduced the threatened number from twelve to ten).   The renters who are being displaced are central Americans of some kind (tempting to say Mexican, as if a generic label, but the family opposite us rushed to hang out national flags after El Salvador's World Cup qualifier victory over Mexico last night, which was a very timely warning not to fall into this trap).   This is a stark reminder, though, of how lucky we are, to have movers and a van arriving at the end of the month (courtesy of Rutgers, even with its hesitant budget), who will pack up photographs and paintings (well, o.k., we pay for that part), and not leave canvases sitting unprotected in the back of a pick-up truck.   What, exactly, is it?   It looks as though Georgia O'Keeffe set out to paint the Virgin Mary.

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