Thursday, March 19, 2009

abandoned squirrel

It's another oddity from the verges of Eldorado (the pink flamingoes, by the way, are doing fine - indeed, by the positioning of a nearby hose, it looks as though their owner has been watering them).   Why should anyone discard a plastic squirrel?   Why, indeed, should anyone have a plastic squirrel in the first place?   It's not a very squirrel-filled environment (although we do have a rock squirrel that sits, oddly enough, on a rock out back), which may mean that at one time, it was some kind of low-rent-squirrel compensation.    Nor was it trash day (though there were a few other strange things discarded by the road side, most notably a quite serviceable-looking pair of thick woolen socks).   For an ecologically conscious neighborhood, it does throw up some puzzles.

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