Wednesday, March 18, 2009

harry's, again

This is my second Harry's Roadhouse picture of the year - a modest tally, considering the number of evenings that we've happily spent there.   Clearly it isn't closed - this is inside looking out, with the Santa Fe sunset just visible through the crinkly plastic that's still up shielding the pathway into the restaurant from the elements - not quite warm enough, yet, to sit outside with a margarita waiting for a table to become free.   Not that, indeed, we had to wait at all, prompting us to speculate how far the general downturn in dining out was spreading in Santa Fe (but we were relatively late, it's a week night in March...).   Nonetheless, last week's Reporter had a very telling all-page advertisement from the Compound - a decidedly different sort of very upscale restaurant on Canyon Road, offering Family Dining Wednesdays..."Be Casual & Relax With Us" = southern fried chicken - burgers - salads - Mac & Cheese - Kid's [sic] Quesadillas.... if they don't already know about it, some of the

 chunky turquoise necklace, bollo tie, concho belt, faceworked ex-Texan Las Campanas types [cultural translation offered on request] are going to get the dining shock of their lives.   The Roadhouse Tostada, and indeed the margaritas at Harry's were well up to their usual standards....and we sidestepped the usual hazard of spring break there: the Irish dishes that creep onto the specials...corned beef and cabbage is identifiable, but warm leprachaun potato salad???  

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