Monday, March 16, 2009

acoma kitty

One of the very best things about coming back to New Mexico (apart from the skies, the air, the chile) is reconnecting with things in the house - like this very small pottery cat on my desk - about an inch and a half across, and made and painted by a woman from Acoma Pueblo.   Reconnecting with this little kitty is also to think about her feline siblings: over the years I've given my mother a number of similar cats which sit on a table in the living room in Wimbledon (together with some equally small Egyptian-style relatives from the British Museum, the Met, etc.).   And being here has not only meant escaping from NJ, the semester, etc., but also other (but linked) forms of reconnection since my cousin Tim and wife Susan have been staying - and here is Tim talking to my parents via Skype.   If they'd been in their living room, one might have seen the other little pottery kitties...

... I guess that this posting is by way of a very preliminary, very unscholarly, very unmeditative first introduction to some of the areas of personal photography that our class will be touching on after break: that's my excuse, anyway, for putting up an image that just encapsulates how very peaceful it is being here.

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