Saturday, March 21, 2009


This jolly group - Greyhound Companions of New Mexico - were in the Sanbucso Center in Santa Fe this afternoon, outside Teca Tu, an "upscale pet emporium" that has always seemed to me to be outrageously biased towards Dogs.   But they do have adoption days (for both dogs and cats) in the mall outside, and these extremely relaxed canines are ex-racing dogs (the one in the purple coat even has dollar bills stitched into the side of his garment, presumably to suggest that he is Very Lucky Indeed).   I'm not sure where there are dog tracks in New Mexico - Ruidoso?

The adoption theme, however, allows me to celebrate the arrival of Simba at my parents' house (they lost both of their elderly cats last year).   Simba is pale ginger, eight years old, and, according to the Battersea Cats' Home Website, a "true gentleman".   Whether this means that he will open doors for my mother and take her breakfast and a copy of The Times upstairs in the morning remains to be seen, but after seeing his politely self-assured posture today via Skype, anything would seem possible.   

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