Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here's my first Flash image of the year - quite remarkable, given that I'm supposedly writing about it... and it's on a street sight, a rather already-over-decorated street sign - at the end of Union Street, this week's location of inspiration - a kind of blogging version of Buy Local (an article in yesterday's Santa Fe New Mexican reported on David Cross, the mayor, pointing out as he spoke in the Plaza (chilly?)  out that if one buys local, 45% of the purchase price remains within the community; if one doesn't - but goes to a big box store -  only 13% does.   I had to get that in somewhere, even if it doesn't remotely fit.   Rebecca Solnit's brilliant discussion and reading at Rutgers yesterday was greatly supportive of my habit of associative digression).   Here's one of those lightning zig-zags that photographs of actual lightning bolts proved to be imaginative, but wrong - nonetheless, the pattern has endured as a convention of lightning representation, even if from the earliest lightning photographers onwards - people like William Jennings of Philadelphia - it's been shown to be fallacious.   I don't think that's going to worry a skateboard store.

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