Tuesday, March 17, 2009

picking up a railway track

One of the many special things about our house in Eldorado, NM is the railway track that passes about five hundred yards away - with an excursion train from the Santa Fe Southern Railway running along it once every day or so.   Some of the local walking tracks stretch along it, and underneath it - this afternoon, we were on one of these and came upon an abandoned glove skewered on a bush, waiting for its owner to come and reclaim it (I must credit Alice for recognizing quite how creative one could be with the positioning of the handless glove).

I wish I'd waited another hour for the train to come through - because then this glove could have been picking up the St Patrick's "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" Highball Train, with Irish Snacks (??) and a cash bar featuring Guiness and Whiskey.   There were a Lot of people wearing green in town today.   The SFSR puts on a number of special trains in addition to its regular excursion ones, especially at Christmas - and in the middle of the summer, when the annual Gay Pride train comes through, complete with rainbow balloons and a jazz band (and an all gay train crew).   Ah, Santa Fe...

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