Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ads wanted

Presumably this noticeboard outside Brower Commons has, on occasion, had things posted on it - notices of meetings, of textbooks for sale, of film showings, of ...   I had no luck in hunting down a set of random advertisements, since there seemed to be nothing to publicize, nothing to trade, nothing to recycle.   What to make of this nudity?   It's not that Rutgers students don't respond to the medium of advertising - my class was spectacularly smart at analyzing advertising photography today.   Indeed, they suggested a sophistication in approaching them that might be under-catered for by the average college noticeboard.

More puzzling still, however, is that thin rope, which appears to be anchoring something - but what? into place.   We were talking about direct and indirect codes of signification - does one read this rope figuratively, or literally?   Indeed, if this image were an advertisement, what kind of text might it need in order to bring out its puzzling message?   Asking questions like this might have been an even more fun exercise than unpacking whatever narrative might be drawn around Sean Connery sitting in damp-legged khakis in some tropical paradise, a Vuitton bag nonchalantly by his side.

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