Thursday, March 26, 2009

waking up

So here's a problem - if, when it's time to take my where-have-I woken-up-this-morning picture (another daily habit for 2009, and one that should always offer me a default image in case there's no opportunity to take another) - if it's pitch dark outside, when do I take the requisite image?   I guess the first time that there's adequate light.

So here is New Brunswick station at 5.06 this morning, looking, if one squints through half closed eyelids, as though - in its greens and whites - it could almost be some Asian temple.   It was in fact built in 1903, and the color scheme is quite recent - the seats and other green paintwork used to be a somber institutional brownish red (according, at any rate, to the picture on Wikipedia).   Tomorrow morning's picture may be a stunner - by way of a dramatic view, my hotel room in Charlottesville VA looks straight out and into a multi-story car park...


  1. This is gorgeous, Kate, and totally transforms a space I usually look at quite differently (or fail to regard altogether). I've spent hours on those benches, but have never looked up to notice the wooden slats that, with the columns below definitely give the place the feel of a temple or shrine. It's a marvelously evocative rendering of a place designed for waiting; surely an opportunity for meditation. . . . Many thanks for this!

  2. I think I only saw its meditative potential myself once I looked at the photograph...