Sunday, March 22, 2009

morning view

After reading fifty undergraduate papers on documentary photography, it seems an act of considerable frivolity to post a picture of the view from our back yard in New Mexico - it's not easy to squeeze much of a socially conscious message out of this.   But my excuse is that it was the last morning - the very early morning - of spring break, and so I'm on academic vacation in this blog.   The strange thing in the tree (not the rather limp looking wind chimes) is not some placard bearing a surreal philosophical proposition (one of students seemed rather over-optimistic about the quality of the graffiti that one might find to photograph in the men's bathrooms on campus, though I suppose one can only hope), but is in fact a block of bird seed from Wild Birds Unlimited.   With lots of pecans and cranberries, it looks like all the bits that one ever wanted to pick out of a fruitcake, and is to encourage (among others) the bluebirds, who were inspecting their newly erected nesting box this morning when we left.

This picture suggests immeasurable serenity ... if I'd really wanted to capture my mood when leaving this morning, I should have photographed a hole in the front flowerbed.   There was a very healthy-looking budding stem of a striped tulip there yesterday.   Why can't rabbits turn their sharp little teeth to the just-sprouting (and I'm sure tender - there are recipes on the internet) tumbleweed shoots?

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