Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the bravery of bluebirds

If only I'd pointed the camera just a little higher up ... this was, however, a quickly seized action shot, as I opened the back door for the third time to scare off a rock squirrel that was hoovering up corn under the bird feeder.   It was, admittedly, showing no interest in the bluebird house, but clearly the bluebirds recognize it as a vile predator, for as it ran off at top speed, it was escorted, as always, by two Angry Birds.   I hope I don't get a chance for a better shot: I've barricaded the gap under the gate (yes, I know squirrels can get over walls very easily, but I'm hoping this is a dim one).   What I do realise from this picture is that she probably has a family of little squirrelettes somewhere, judging by her anatomy.   I don't think that blowing up pictures necessarily reveals the details that one's pleased to see ...

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