Monday, July 11, 2011

Cat. And Pig.

The cat, of course, is DandyLion (aka Bitzi, aka Fluffy, when we are really in despair), who, for a feline who is remarkably adept at refusing to share her life with us, is nonetheless very deft at getting herself photographed.   The pig is a new piggybank, from the farm shop at Los Poblanos, and is cast in resin by the New York designer Harry Allen.   He was cast from a real piglet who died (we were very earnestly, and properly, reassured of this), and part of the profits from his sale go to an animal charity.   Note the very large cork instead of a belly button, through which will pour out all the coins that we've saved.   But before I start using him, I must head off to one of those coin counting machines: I have an entire bag and bowl full of loose change from New Jersey, which - with luck - might, in fact, add up to the cost of his purchase ...

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