Thursday, July 14, 2011


Sometimes one's plans for the day just don't work out how one thinks that they will, so the photograph that one thinks that one's going to take doesn't happen, so one's forced back to the picture one took very hastily of the cat sitting on the vet's reception this morning ... Clarence - a kind of toffee-pointed Siamese-ish cat - has been a veterinary clinic cats for as long as we've been going there.   By now he's a very elderly gentleman, who's kept going by his intake of Calcitriol - indeed, it was his success on this that helped convince us that this was the drug to help Emmett with his kidney problems.   Of course, Clarence - so good to have a cat named after some vague bit of lesser Victorian Royal Family - doesn't here look like an advertisement for perfect help, but blame the effects of this particular iPhone app: RetroCamera mimicking very old Polaroid film.

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