Sunday, July 10, 2011


On the surface, that's a very dull grey view from my study window- offering a dismal view of the new vista blocking building, but nonetheless with the mountains in the distance still visible.   But look more closely.   The greyness is speckled with dots - and those dots are raindrops on the outside of the window!   To be sure, we probably only had about ten minutes real rain, and maybe another twenty minutes drizzle.   But this was water, falling from the sky - the monsoon is here!   This is the first real precipitation since January. I wish I could post not a distinctly unexciting view of summer's damp dusk, but the smells - the rain on red earth, and pinon, and chamisa, and everything else that's out there; a set of smells that I associate completely with New Mexico at this time of the year, and that are true smells of the earth renewing itself.   And this makes a great change from the smoke laden air we've had for the last couple of weeks.

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