Saturday, July 9, 2011


Indeed, there was the rabbit at the Farmers' Market again!   I didn't see her person carrying her around this time - she'd been put down on a table to graze on some carrot tops.   I have the feeling that she might be slightly embarrassed by the pale pink ribbon in her hair.   There's a large sign saying No Dogs Allowed apart from Service Animals at the entrance to the market, but this clearly doesn't exclude other wildlife - I was slightly surprised (but, since this is Santa Fe, only slightly) to see a woman with a grey parrot on her head.

There were a lot of very handsome onions in the market, and fava beans, and arugula, and I came home with plenty.   And I also caught about half the set by the Railyard Reunion Band, who offered up some superb bluegrass -

and were very much enjoyed by all ages.

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