Sunday, July 24, 2011

home (again)

Back safe and sound in Los Angeles, although with one more one-way drive from Santa Fe this summer ... I'd hoped that this week we'd be getting the house straight and ready for the semester's start, but no ... we have a contractor tearing up th deck, putting a door on my study (etc etc) and it all looks much more untidy than a few weeks ago, and hence deeply disheartening.   However.   It is so very good to get back to the particular golden shade of evening sun, here illuminating the Armadillo - a wonderful present from a family friend some years back.   Indeed, the 'dillo used to be in an alcove at the bottom of the stairs in her mother's house in Lewes, Sussex, and when I was - oh, forty plus years younger than I am now - I used to think that he looked just like a large woodlouse.

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