Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Tsuru is the proper name for these folded origami paper cranes (fold 1,000, and you get to make a wish - or so the late C18th book about them promised).   These are hanging down the stairwell in the Southwest Acupuncture College, where I was wonderfully and I hope effectively punctured earlier today.   I'm impressed, to say the last, by a doctor who can take one look at me and home in, like a hawk, to my left knee as a site of problems - given that I have no ligaments holding the kneecap in place, and used to keep dislocating it (until I slipped on a cabbage leaf in Oxford Market in 1988, displacing it so badly that I had to rest up with the leg in plaster for a while, watching the Seoul Olympics on TV and re-reading The Mill on the Floss very very slowly).   This was the more impressive since I was in no way complaining of knee pains, but of an aching shoulder - aching ever since driving to the MLA in early January.   I might also (but wasn't) have been complaining of sleeplessness - and now can hardly keep my eyes open.   So I feel - or will feel, if I get a proper night's sleep - as though various wishes have been granted, even without folding a single crane.   

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