Friday, July 8, 2011


Over on the other side of the fields of lavender this morning, a dun colored cow - a bit like a Jersey cow, but not - and a fiercely bleating goat were being taken for a walk - presumably to chew some of the very rich grass there.   Their keeper, admittedly, was on her cell phone, which distracted a little from the sense of rural idyll, but it's possible to believe, at Los Poblanos, in an improbably magical style of country life (a sense confounded, of course, by the drought that's everywhere around apart from the leafy Rio Grande valley, and by the continuing smell of smoke in the air).   We could have stayed for the Lavender Gathering and Distilling Class today, if we hadn't had to come back and feed the cats and get on with everyday life (scaring away squirrels, reading and writing book manuscripts, saving the shower water for our own irrigation, and so on).

But it would have been fun to have hung out with the goats for longer ...

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