Saturday, July 23, 2011

T or C (Friday 22nd July)

There were very many good things about our stay in Truth or Consequences last night - but they didn't include internet access or iphone coverage ...  This was the view from outside our room at the Sierra Grande hotel/spa - a beautifully run place, which once upon a time was an apartment building (that is, in the early 30s) - though even then I think it had the hot springs underneath it.   Indeed, of course, the entire town was called Hot Springs - after the non-smelly sulphorous water that comes out of the ground at a warm 107 degrees, and in which we were very happy to soak - until 1950, when it agreed to change its name in return for the NBC radio show being broadcast from there (broadcast at least once, that is).   Now it's going to become more famous for being close to the Space Port - indeed, the totally wonderful Cafe Bella Luca  already has a dish named after it - the Space Portabella mushroom.   This restaurant has stunning Italian food - perfect ravioli on Friday nights made by the nonna, who's nearly 90, and a superb small wine list - very, very well worth going for this alone, quite apart from the stunning drives that you need to get there.

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