Thursday, May 21, 2015

greetings from Havana ...

Who knew that I would be able to get on line?!  I thought that FTBL might have had to take a week's unexpected vacation.  I'm not sure whether this will post to Facebook, which seems to be blocked here, but for those of you who check out FTBL directly ... here are some Cuban cliches: the revolutionary art in the square of the revolution;

some crumbling buildings;

people looking musingly out of crumbling buildings;

artists sitting under flame-colored trees in a park - this man was actually painting on cabbage leaves to make a large cabbage-scaly fish;

things being erected that one fervently hopes aren't part of the Biennial (this is a very very large molar);

and cute schoolchildren.  More tomorrow (internet willing).  It's been a long long day's travel, interspersed with mojitos.

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