Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Havana day 7 (art, variegated, and impossible of definition)

The Estudio Taller Fuster makes the Watts Towers look tidy and trim.  It's a huge, sprawling complex of mosaics and tiles and strange shapes and figures,

that then sprawls over into the neighboring streets and houses and has very much rejuvenated a poor neighborhood - more evidence of art in the community.

The rest of the day kept challenging one - what's an installation? what isn't? ...

a studio in the art school?

a fallen leaf?

a bioscopic dome?

an image created in the simply wonderful camera obscura?

a strange bit of broken ceramics - maybe with santeria significance, maybe not - left in a corner of a wall?

a large donut made of bright orange rubber gloves?

I'm sated.

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