Saturday, May 2, 2015

perfect setting

Another day, another party: for whatever reason (eating cake?) everyone is out of view here, but this is in our friends' Leo and Dorothy's back yard, and no, that isn't the pool (except, with a little duck in it, on the left) - it's the reflection of the pool.  Very cool.  The occasion was a send-off, a retirement evening for Teresa McKenna, whom I wish I'd known - especially after I heard Tania Modleski's account of all the good things that she did for diversity at USC and in the English Department.

English's terrific Chair, David St John, also spoke;

and I've been taking pictures of Bruce for over twenty years, and this, somehow, is one of my favorites, even if - or maybe because - it was getting far too dark to take good photographs in the available light.  And you all know my antipathy towards using flash ...

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