Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Another surreal episode in the ongoing, but ever amusing saga of life at USC.  This was a photoshoot, aimed at producing an image for the next stage of the College's ongoing megabucks campaign, and featuring our Dean (here seen inspecting the panorama he'd just shot on his cell phone) and a small bevy of faculty members doing research "on the front line" (his terminology, not mine).  Being "on the front line" largely meant standing on this platform that had been erected on top of one of the carparks, with a wonderful view of down town LA in the background, and trying not to fall off (especially when the photographer had us all jump up in the air simultaneously, like a Beatles album cover).  I await the outcome with some dread: I can't imagine that my best angle involves standing in a kind of chorus line squinting into the setting sun.

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