Thursday, May 7, 2015

watching the Election

Time was when I had no trouble whatsoever in staying awake until the election results started to pile in in earnest - but I hadn't then just crawled off a flight from LA.  But at the very least I get to see this year's set of graphics - the long line of hexagonal (virtual) paving stones unfurling down Downing Street is my favorite so far (though no sign of the old Swingometer, yet).  The exit polls are much more depressing than one could imagine; judging by the results so far, a scary number of people are voting UKIP; and, well, obviously, voting Conservative.  The Tory press (the Murdoch empire - which is deeply ironic, from a UKIP perspective) seems mores sensationally alarmist than ever, given that the Labor Party these days is not exactly composed of people with sharp teeth.  Oh!  Who knew that Stephen Kinnock, son of Neil, is married to the Danish Prime Minister?  Well, probably everyone who watches more British news TV than I do.

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