Tuesday, May 26, 2015

havana (and around) day 6 (photographs and the city)

This street camera man is set up for business on the Paseo de Martí - with the Capitol (being restored, and hence the fancy engravings on the backdrop that surround it) behind, and in front a spectacular piece of Biennial art-in-the-city: a Gameunsa Pagoda Temple, on scrim - an installation by South Korean artist Han Sungpil.

The photographer is on the right ...

and I stood around for an age, taking photos with different kinds of transportation passing by - it's superimposing serenity on the city.   Most of today, though, was spent out in the country, visiting a biopark where there's been a great deal of planned reforestation;

- in this case on the site of an old French coffee plantation.

It's also the site for a kind of model agricultural/rural community working on the bio project, and for a couple of artists/artisans - the most interesting that we saw was recycling paper, making greetings cards and envelopes and little notebooks.  It was a long way from the Biennial in many ways, but certainly continued all the themes of repurposing that turn up elsewhere.

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