Saturday, May 23, 2015

Havana, day 3

This looks like a Venetian palazzo cubed, and tipped on its side, and hence sets a theme: not your average Biennale ...

I spent a good deal of today, in fact, looking at C19th painting and monuments and architecture (what else would you expect?).  The most wonderful, if sad piece of ruined architecture was this wonderful Art Nouveau tiled facade - I asked a man in the street if he knew what it had been, and he said a library, but no one seems to know which library (it was in Avenida de Italia).

I found it in my wanderings through Havana Central - Saturday afternoon, and very crowded - this is the old shopping quarter, and there are, indeed, some shops there - with long lines outside if there's anything worth buying.

There were also long lines outside cinemas;

and all the old signs from the 1950s are still up.

general ambulatoriness, and taxi drivers hoping for custom;

and kids playing baseball.

Then down to the Malecon, where art works are still being installed,

and inspected by the locals -

some of whom seem more curious than others.

And here's some more washing.

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