Friday, May 22, 2015

Havana, day 2

Yes, every turn of a street can bring one something as stunning as this - reminiscent of Naples in the 70s, I suppose, but interspersed with  much more that's ruinous, even as a good deal is being renovated and patched.

There are, indeed, some standard tourist scenes as we walk from one part of the Biennal to another - it's just starting to get under way - very dispersed through out the city so it's a little difficult to fathom what one's seeing where (who, for example, was the performance-artist-mime in a cage?).

Some bits of street art are here just for the Biennale - like this wrapped and tagged palm tree;

some, like these shoes, may have been around for a little longer (these are outside a printmaking collectivo/workshop),

which in turn had some lovely spaces leading up to the roof.

But mostly, whether walking or in the bus, I like seeing all kinds of bits of ordinary life, from people working on their cars

to waiting outside little stalls to have their spectacles mended.

Because an art opening is an art opening - even when there's a Cuban supermodel there, 

and when they're held in private apartments with stunning 30s architecture, and plenty of strong mojitos to go round.  Well, ok, they're a great deal of fun, here ...

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