Saturday, May 16, 2015


On our way back to LA from New Mexico last October, we spent a night in a very excellent resort near Phoenix (where we'd stayed once before). Only it wasn't excellent, on this occasion - we weren't given the room category that we'd booked (something we took a little while to cotton on to, since we'd hurled ourselves at a computer in order to watch a USC/Stanford volleyball game ...); etc etc. We wrote a pretty scathing report on Trip Advisor at the end of the whole badly managed episode.  Result - a free night, in a top grade just re-furbished suite; cheese plate brought round with compliments, and the entire resort staff treating us like we're VIPs.  Even the humming birds were evidently told to pose.  Trip Advisor will be revisited tomorrow, with, of course, an ecstatic review. Ah, hotel management in the internet age ...

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