Sunday, August 16, 2009

encore orange

I'd intended to take an evening shot of hummingbirds, who tend to come to their feeder in dusk, and sit on nearby branches, silhouetted against the sunset (I'm clearly getting into valedictory mode).   Hummingbird feeder fitted out with fresh sugar syrup, camera ready.   One hummingbird makes a quick visit, and I'm so excited that I take a slightly too blurry shot.   Finito.

So I'm driven back indoors, and back to more orange Farmers' Market booty.   Dahlias.   I can't claim that they are my favorite flowers (imported from Mexico to Europe in the late C18th, bred  instantly by flower fanciers into lots of different colors;  having way back been used by the Aztecs ceremonially and as a medicinal plant; subsequently employed as a source of pre-insulin relief for diabetics; and their tubers tried out to see if they could be a substitute for potatoes in the disease-ridden 1840s).   But they are cheerful, and Orange, and since Alice's favorite color is a deep orange, they were purchased, and if they hadn't been sitting on the dining room table I guess it would have been the stripey tomatoes.

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