Thursday, August 20, 2009

on the road again... convoy.   Here we are checking in with each other at Clines Corners, at the end of 285, just before joining I-40.   And yes, I am carrying two pots of herbs across country (there are some chiles, geraniums, and petunias in the back, too... behind the four cats, a color photo printer, a large number of books that didn't quite get read this summer, and so on.   It's frustrating driving at speed after the slow drive out in the spring - no chance to stop and take pictures of the same abandoned villages, rusty silos, etc that I pass every time on this route and always regret not having paused for.   But even if one didn't have four furry companions, this is not the kind of behavior that counts as car convoy etiquette...

Oklahoma City tonight, where the charm of C. Vivian Stringer when the Scarlet Women were in town back in the spring impressed itself enormously on our (also charming) bellhop - who understandably wondered why we were carrying a long handled window cleaning pole.   We explained that it was to get the cats out from under the bed.

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