Thursday, August 27, 2009


Inevitably, I left something behind in Santa Fe (probably lots of things, but I haven't discovered most of them yet), and one of them seems to have been my Nikon battery charger.   So I ordered another, which rather surprisingly was not only a super-bargain price, but came with a spare battery, a European (though, alas, not UK) plug adapter, and a mini-tripod with bendy legs.   This may not hold the Nikon - I doubt it - but I screwed on my little Canon point and shoot and pressed the shutter experimentally at whatever was in front of it on the kitchen table.   See above.

The focus may (literally) be on the lilies, but, yes, that is an empty cocktail glass in the foreground.   Shaken up together: pear flavored Grey Goose vodka, pomegranate juice, one fresh lime, and ice cubes.   Yes, I know it's only Thursday.   Yes, I know the semester hasn't started yet.   But it was a long day.

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