Friday, August 21, 2009

road warrior

... at the Big Cabin truck stop off I-44 in Oklahoma.   Yes, I know it's a truck stop, but it had ordinary gas too, and I was starting to get worried, having seen nowhere to stop for a while.   This, however, is an unmissable figure - one of the few noteworthy sights of the day, apart from a couple of school buses from Georgia with all their signage in French (Écoliers; Arrêt, etc. - completely inexplicable - nothing retrievable through googling apart from one shot on Photobucket of the same phenomenon...).  It must be 40 feet high, at least [quick on-line check - 46 feet, on a 5' plinth].   Other than that - megachurches; lots of advertising hoardings blank or to rent; trees.   And we hit St Louis to coincide with a Rams game, and had (no relevance to the previous piece of information) to pay for two hotel rooms (+ exorbitant pet charge) rather than one, since the people behind the desk at the downtown Hilton could count kitty carriers.   Don't, oh reader, ever try smuggling in two extra cats here.   The hotel staff are impervious to charm.   It'll be back to (sigh) the Six Flags Holiday Inn next time, where we once coincided with an Airedale show.   Of course we are all in one room.    

The best moment (I stray away from the photographic) of today came when we were packing up in Oklahoma City - friendly bellhop and cart to hand - and a frazzled woman come charging into our room, saying Housekeeping? Housekeeping?   (for I am standing with the window-cleaning pole in my hand).   No, I say, we use this for getting the cats out from under the bed.   Frazzled woman smartly turns on her heels, and starts to harangue Hispanic maid in corridor about her needs...

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