Monday, August 31, 2009

rainbow workplace

Truly, I'm very happy to work in a place that - for at least one day a year - has its entrance festooned by rainbow balloons.   I owe this image to Rhea Ramey, who posted a picture of the arch to Facebook (ah, that's a giveaway - how can I claim to have been heads down in a hard day's work if I was checking FB?) - I think I'll claim it as an instance of FB's ability to alert people to instantly available photo opportunities around them.   The occasion was RU's pre-semester Student Activities expo - lots and lots of tables trying to entice students into joining societies, publications, etc etc etc.   The Oxford equivalent, a million years ago, was known as Freshers Fair, which had a quaint, olde England, merrie village green air to its name. FF, of course, quickly multiplied to FFF - the first week of Michaelmas (i.e. fall) term - also known as Fuck a Friendly Fresher.   But I digress...

o.k., for a harried Chair trying to concentrate inside the building, the step dancers and the belly dancers and the gospel singers and the rap and the general noise on stage was, perhaps, a little wearing (I was tied to my office, waiting for some bumpf for a meeting tomorrow).   And if I hadn't been tied down in various adminny ways, it would have been much more fun being outside taking pictures of Rutgers' diversity.   Because that's what did come across - every few minutes or so, when I slunk over to a window to have a look at a new act outside - the only real homogeneity was in the ubiquity of Rutgers Red.   This is a color more flattering on almost anyone but me (although, admittedly, a Rutgers rainbow pin goes very well with almost any outfit, since it clashes without effort).


  1. I got the feeling the involvement fair was more lively than ever before! Thank you for the photograph.

  2. Lively, yes!! I think it might always be so (I hope so, anyway) - but it's usually on Labor Day, because that's usually the day before classes start... and we're therefore usually miles and miles away (or, at least, the other side of the Raritan).