Sunday, August 9, 2009

saturday's new mexico kitsch

I thought that I was wonderfully well prepared yesterday morning - picture taken on sun hitting chile lights and boot on a post in our kitchen (admittedly, a more Mexican than Santa Fe-an boot, perhaps) - high kitsch - definitely not New Jersey.   I should have downloaded and written up right away - but was scuttling out of the door, banking on their being plenty of time to do this at Albuquerque airport.   In theory - in practice, a very very long security line.   And the other side, I had one other priority, admittedly, to get a Santa Fe BLT (with green chile and guacamole, on green chile bread) from Comida Buena - I don't know what it says about my habits that I was actually Recognized there by the woman taking my order.   And then we boarded.   And then at IAD, there was allegedly a Boingo hotspot - but it wouldn't come up on my computer.   And by the time I was back in NJ (where we don't have internet at home till the 24th), it was 9 p.m., and I didn't really feel like coming into my office.   So.   The image is more nostalgic, posted a day late, than it would have been 24 hours ago... 

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