Sunday, August 9, 2009

waving, drowning?

Unpacking.   One never quite knows what one will come across - I bought these tiny hands a little while back, thinking they'd surely come in useful for some photo project or the other - and haven't used them until now - not least, because I haven't had much occasion to do any creative thinking involving, well, hands.   And these prosthetics are just a few centimeters high, and are MADE OF SOAP.   I think maybe I should put them (in a plastic bag, first), in the fridge - I am scared that they will melt in the NJ heat and 88% humidity.

What I would really like to post today would mean coming into my office at the dead of night, because of the lack of internet at 113: wildlife!   Last night, sitting on the deck with dinner/glass of wine/candle, I saw, first, a kitten-size baby skunk, then Mamma Skunk, then five adolescent gambolling raccoons... The work on Flash! that I've been doing of late (o.k., when I've been doing it...) has been about Flash and violence - it's amazing how many fictional criminals in the inter-war period are trapped on film by setting off apparatus that was originally intended to photograph wild animals or owls...

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