Thursday, August 6, 2009

not about gooseberries

This was originally going to be a post about gooseberries - the raw and the cooked - several punnets of very small ones, scooped up in Whole Foods (hope they didn't leave too big a carbon footprint), and turned into a dessert that was some kind of relative of a trifle.   Very English.   But our dinner guests arrived with a spectacular sunset and rainbow (the image here doesn't begin to do justice to the luminosity of the photo on the ordinary screen - I am getting increasingly frustrated with the numbing and deadening properties of blogspot ... I will see if Wordpress is similarly afflicted, at this rate).   So gooseberries were trumped, both by the elements and by the company - also not nearly glowing enough, so far as their coloring goes, but looking very happy (and Barry and Suzanne didn't even yet know about the dessert that was in their future).


  1. Spectacular indeed! And the images look awfully good if you click on them to see the full-size version. I'd like to see that sunset on my gigantic screen at the office.

    Oh, and my and MN's very best to your happy-looking guests!

  2. Barry and Suzanne are staying in town... but we'll pass on the greetings! Or Alice will - I think she's going to see Ju & Ju with them whilst I slave over a hot office desk back in NJ. Thumbs down to that one.

    Big pat/stroke/head scratch to the Brave Ms Roxie!