Friday, August 14, 2009

smile, please

Somewhere, on Yong Soon's camera, there is a picture or three commemorating today's lunch at Real Food Nation (which was as good as ever - top marks to the peach cobbler) with an excellent table full of people, including May Stevens (inducing the perennial problem of how ever to act normally with someone whose work one admires inordinately much but whom one's deeply in awe of when meeting for the first time).   It also put us - well, Yong Soon - in the politely petitioning mode of finding someone to take our photograph: the guy who's been working at RFN all summer seemed very happy to oblige... very strange to be at the other end of the process, when - especially traveling with a decent camera, and when alone - I'm often asked by people to shoot them against whatever scenic backdrop is to hand.   Here, we were actually posing against the band-aid colored faux adobe (actually, it's a fairly old building, formerly a gas station - it may not be faux, but I suspect so) of RFN, because of the light.   And of course, the young guy is pretty much in shadow, as we would have been, if silhouetted against the view.   But this image contains something I've been tracking all summer: the progress of the herbs and lettuces in the beds outside the front of the restaurant, mysteriously un-chewed by rabbits.   But I think a solution may have been found: there are marigolds and nasturtiums planted round the edges, and apparently these are so delicious that they may well act as a barrier.   Next summer's experiment?

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