Wednesday, August 19, 2009

kicking the hoof that feeds you

Not there has been a great deal of cooking at 41 Cuesta today, other than a spectacular dish of peach cobbler, thanks to Santa Fe Farmers' Market and Roxie's humans' recipe [culinary note: since, curiously, one of the few gastronomic aversions I have is to almond essence, I substituted some dots of almond butter, which worked extremely well].   This was in part due to the workmen, who have started energetic and noisy work on a new portales and wall outside; in part due to the fact that this is our Last Night, so of course we ate at Harry's (Indian Market Green Chile Stew, and cheese enchiladas.   We are Not Happy at missing Indian Market, but Alice has to go to her Orientation Session - how six hours could possibly enable one to make sense of Rutgers, I can't imagine - and I have three  million meetings - all on Monday).

This is an Indian - not Native American, but Asian Indian - tin horse who stands between our kitchen and dining room here, propping up a small tin retablo of St Pasqual, the patron saint of kitchens and cooking.   Conventionally St P also comes with a cat, but this particular little icon didn't have one.   It's coming back to NJ with us, and will be part of our scheme to get 113 looking like the Most Desirable House ever.   Or we're moving...

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