Monday, August 3, 2009


Here's another item for the "found on the ground" while walking around Eldorado series... an apparently used (note that small adhering wisp of grey fur) mousetrap.   Minus mouse.   Quite how it came to be there ought to be a mystery, though it's trash collection day, and therefore probably isn't.

This is a highly efficient mouse trap - I hope so, anyway, because we have 16 identical ones in a bag in the kitchen, awaiting deployment.   They are sold by Home Depot - our contractors were emphatic that these are far, far better than the ones sold at Lowe's.   Currently, we are using a RatZapper (from Ace Hardware) that at first was extremely effective at Mouse Zapping, but then the micies grew wise and starting jumping over the electric plate for their peanut butter on crackers.   Mice are a real problem here, because of the hanta virus - since ours are very much alive, and not dead (apart from the one that I try not to think about, who died with his/her little mouse paws stretched down through the vent in the middle bathroom), one assumed they don't have it.   But still...   And they are certainly around - DandeLion woke me up at 3 a.m. again, thudding her ginger self against the bedroom window - and there was a small mouse an inch away the other side, climbing up grass for the seed (and no, these are Indoor Cats, in case an obvious solution was presenting itself, because of coyotes, and long eared owls. They are more than efficient when it comes to the very very occasional one that gets into the house.)   So I will have to steel myself for anti-mouse activity, very shortly.

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