Monday, June 21, 2010

blue zebra

It's probably inevitable that my (digital) photo of what I've been up to today is better than the product itself - here's my cyanotype (a reworking of a close up of a plastic zebra ...) drying. Unless you blow it up really large, you can't see that I applied the cyanotype solution in rather too stripey a fashion, for a start. And then ... I thought that, indeed, what I really wanted to do was something simple, and yes, I think I achieved that ... but I wished that I'd in fact chosen a different negative, and (for the exposure time in the sun was around 18 minutes for this, and the day was getting older) we didn't have time for a second round. But yes ... I think I would do it better next time, which is surely the point.

The day began with all of us lying on an 18' cyanotype treated piece of cotton, and developing ourselves in the sun for 22 minutes ... plus whatever we had brought with us. Someone had some glass paperweights, which looked good, like bubbles ... better yet was long, flowing hair tangled up with flowers... I didn't, of course, quite manage the late 60s rock album cover look in that way, but I did bring the plastic ponies along for a ride...

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