Friday, June 4, 2010

modern transport

We have had another day of much interstate driving (St Louis to Oklahoma City), with all its attendant glories: the long long traffic jam for road works, that held us up for half an hour; the crazed drivers in SUVs and pick up trucks; the two batty ladies who hogged the gas pump in front of me whilst they painstakingly cleaned every last squashed fly off their windscreens. It's always great hitting I-44, though (and the West starts the minute one's crossed the Mississippi) - Route 66 runs parallel most of the way down - today complete with a troupe of Harley drivers - and then there are all the kitsch signs and stores that go along with that - the mock Indian village with tepees; the juxtaposition of sex stores and the Grace Freedom Church - one of the sex stores with a huge new phallic bowling pin outside, too; the Vacuum Cleaner museum.

But we've seen too much of the road, by now (probably the kitties have, too). It's very easy to smuggle them into the Sheraton in Oklahoma City since there are hotel elevators that also service the carpark... LucyFur nearly gave the game away, though. Walking back from dinner, there was about one window illuminated in this 15 story hotel. And silhouetted in the window... And walking back from dinner, too, were lots of horses and carriages conveying people round Bricktown - most incongruously getting there through this very modern underpass.

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